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Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore painting is a classical South Indian painting style from the 1600's. It was inaugurated from the town of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) in present day Tamil Nadu, India. These paintings are known for their extravagant depictions of deities. Vibrant colours and embellishments, especially gold foil, form the backbone of this art form.

Pichwai Art

This art form is over 400 years old and originated in Nathdwara in the the Indian state of Rajasthan. Lotuses, cows, Radha and the gopis are often seen in these paintings made on cloth. The word Pichwai comes from 'pichh' meaning back, and 'wai', meaning textile hanging.


These are "pictures" (chitra) painted on piecof cloth (patta) that originate from Odisha. Stories of deities and mythological icons are depicted using intricate strokes and natural colours. This artform is over 3000 years old.

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Environmental Causes

Environmental Causes

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Female Empowerment

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"Vasati has come to life after years of sourcing unique forms of art and artifacts from all across India. We at Vasati strongly believe that each person is a masterpiece in themselves and we aim to match you to art that speaks to you. Promoting Indian artists and craftsmen, that stand tall on the rich heritage and culture of the country, is a core goal for our team. We use sustainable packaging material and 10% of our profits are channeled towards child-welfare and eco-friendly efforts. "

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We have a number antique and vintage pieces in our collection. Do reach out to us if you need any additional information about any of these.

Objet d' Art

Vasati carries fine specimens of traditional Indian artforms. We also have one-of-a-kind sculptures and paintings that fit perfectly in modern and contemporary settings.